Best Automotive Batteries

Automotive batteries are a kind of rechargeable battery which supply and transport electric current to the automobile’s engine. The automotive battery stores the electric energy that can be used whenever needed. They are typically called S.L.I. batteries because the automotive batteries are used for the purpose of S-tarting, L-ighting, and I-gnition in most of the cases.

Uses For Automotive Battery

Since the car’s battery is responsible for supplying power to the car, basically, it is useful for many things:

  1. Starting Mechanism – The batter is needed to support the car’s starting mechanism by supplying power to the engine’s starter motor.  This is activated by the key switch through a starter relay.
  2. Lighting Mechanism – The battery also helps in the functioning of the car’s lighting mechanism that is used for the car’s internal and external lights, such as headlights and signal lights.
  3. Ignition System – In connection with the car’s starting mechanism, the ignition system is also powered up by the batteries. Otherwise, the car won’t run.

These batteries which are capable of the S.L.I function are made up of lead acid with 6 galvanic cells that supply power to a 12v system. Each of the galvanic cell provides a supply of 2.1v, which in turn produces 12.6v of electric current when it is in full charge. These automotive batteries are also used as a very important battery called traction battery that is used as a source of power to the so-called electric vehicle.

Buying An Automotive Battery

When buying an automotive battery, there are some points you need to consider to ensure that you get the best type. Here are some of them:

  • First, consider the battery’s group size, which is used to determine for what purpose the battery is made.
  • Second, consider the cold cranking amps, which is used to measure whether the particular battery is used to for cold weather.
  • Third, consider the reverse capacity, which is used to determine how long a machine can run with the particular battery.

Best vs Cheap Automotive Battery

Some of the best automotive batteries are lithium-ion battery, nickel-metal hydride, electric double layer capacitor, and nickel-cadmium battery. Some of the best automotive batteries by their brand name are NAPA, DIE HARD, DURALAST. Lithium-ion batteries are common in most of the consumer electronics because of its nature of portability and also it has the attractive feature of recharging capacity and also the loss of energy is very less when it is not used. These lithium batteries are best used in electric vehicles, as well as in military and hospital automobiles.

On the other hand, there are some of the cheap automotive batteries that do not produce good results as the best automotive batteries. In cheap quality automotive batteries, you can’t guarantee the battery’s life time, but, definitely you can save a lot from buying them because their cost is a lot less compared to the best automotive batteries.

It is better to buy the best automotive batteries instead of buying the cheap automotive batteries. The main reason is that the durability of cheap automotive batteries are not known. They can be very unpredictable and unreliable. Even the best automotive batteries sometimes come with very good discount rates. So, it is recommended to use the quality batteries when discount automotive batteries are available in the market. The Autocraft battery is one of the best batteries in the list of manufacturers, especially with their Autocraft gold and Autocarft silver batteries, which offer maximum durability and less energy loss during the power off state.